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When you’re asked “what’s your sign?” the most basic answer is one of the 12 zodiac signs the sun was in when you were born. But that’s just one tiny detail in a much larger, heavily layered, complicated, individual picture that illustrates your very own astrological story. We, professional astrologers, look at a whole chart, which you can think of as a snapshot of the sky when you were born – based on not only the month and day but the year, time, and place of your birth. This means even two people born on the same exact month, day, and year, but at different times and in different locations, will have their own unique chart. That’s because all the celestial bodies move at different rates through the signs.We can use this movement of planets to explain the current event like marriage or election,social trends, financial market.Our moto is to understand the key building blocks of astrology to improve your self awareness and give a proper direction to your physical, mental, emotional and financial life and connect yoy with the “Science of the Mother of all Sciences ”