Face Reading

Face Reading

There is an old saying – ‘The face never lies’, which means that the face is a clear mirror of emotions, thoughts and tendencies. The thoughts that arise in the mind have a proper effect on our face.

That’s why by looking at the face of any person, his inner feelings can be known. Symptom- science believes that nature is not formed on the basis of shape of face or body, but shape is formed because of nature. There are two types of thoughts that arise in the mind of a man – the first is permanent, the second is temporary. Temporary thoughts are momentary; But they have a quick effect on the face, due to which facial expressions (eyebrows, eyes, lips, aura, shape, color etc.) change immediately.

This is the reason why when we are happy, angry, upset or sad, then the clear shadow of these emotions starts appearing on our face and as soon as our emotions change, our face also changes. If any feeling, thought or attitude continues to affect permanently for a long time, then it also affects the rituals, as a result of which there is a permanent change in the face.

Sanskaras and emotions are the result of very subtle psychological activities. Their clear shadow gets imprinted on our face. Just as the subject matter written in the floppy of the computer can be clearly seen on the screen, in the same way, the feelings, rituals and tendencies present in the floppy of the mind keep emerging automatically on the face. Temporary thoughts affect facial expressions, but such thoughts, which are permanently present in the mind, are also capable of changing the shape of the face.

You must have observed that when a person is immersed in thoughts of worry, grief, distress or pain, the muscles and expressions of his face