The interpretation or mode that we are seeing in the current numerology is basically a special kind of result of the mathematics of numbers. But the word number does not reveal the perspective of astrology. That’s why it is known as Numerology, or Numerology instead of Numerology.

It is self- evident that words or groups of words have a natural rhythm and are influenced by a fixed orchestral form, while number signs do not have rhythm. But the method of knowing the effect of planets according to numbers is accurate and true.

The yantras made of numbers unquestionably prove the power and nature of numbers. Keralite

In astrology and other contexts, the method of finding solutions on the basis of numbers is also the importance of numbers.

renders to Ramal Shastra is a special system of numbers in itself.

Western palmist and numerologist Ciro, born in Ireland on 1.11.1866, mentions in his book Book of Numbers that when he was traveling in India, he had the good fortune to live in the company of some such Brahmins Who had hidden many deep secrets of nature in his heart and he kindly gave some knowledge to Kiro as well. Indian sages were familiar with this knowledge of numerology even before the world became civilised. Kiro had proved Yakshini under the supervision of an Indian teacher. The kind of amazing predictions he made were not possible with mere numerology. If there is any mistake in Yakshini Sadhana, then the end of the seeker is not good. Seferial who was born in England on 19.03.1864, in his book Kabbalah of Numbers, has quoted literally thousands of Sanskrit words. The Indian method of answering silent questions and other questions, the method of finding stolen goods, is taken from his book itself. But Sephriel gave priority to the Greek language and called it the language of God.
After scientific research, it has been proved that there is influence and control of special parts of the brain on a person’s thinking and ideology. Our brain is divided into two parts:
radix 2,6,7,8 as per the picture below.


For the complete development of the brain, it is necessary that both its parts should be developed equally, but even after both parts of the normal human life are developed, one part remains dominant. Right hemisphere dominant people are extroverts and left hemisphere dominant people are introverts.

This gift of nature was analyzed and people with Maya’s number 1, 3, 4, 5 and 9, in the next chapter, the right hemisphere is more active than the class system and number or left. These people (radix 1, 3, 4, 5, 9)13

We believe in doing it ourselves. Doesn’t postpone tasks. That’s why they get success easily. Due to their amazing ability to earn money, they become prestigious in the society.

People with Radix 2,6,7,8 have more active left side of the brain than the right side. People with these numbers are introverts. In his view, this world is not only for earning money but also for learning. Ultimately motivation is important for them. They always behave according to their heart. They may fail materially but mentally they enjoy life.