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Your kind nature helped me to be completely open to the input you provided.You provided me with a big picture overview of everything that has happened in my life in the past and everything that is currently happening based on my natal chart.
You really helped me alot when I was confused and not confident about my career, now I got a clear path and it would not be possible without you. My experience with you was absolutely amazing. I was blessed to get in touch with you, thank you from the bottom of my heart..


I am Anita Singhal.
I wanna review the session I had with you.
Wow! Just had an amazing reading with Empowering Astrology.
I love how we were able to mix astrology and channeling into one session. Together we were able to get rid of some energy. Words can’t explain. Wow. Just wow. I need a nap now. I would highly recommend getting a reading from her.
It was really a great experience🥰


My name is Mahak Singhal.
I had one of the session with you and the reading I received from you really helped me see the light in my life. Your ability to use my natal chart to connect with me felt like magic. I felt rejuvenated after our conversation had ended. This reading uncovered what I was looking for. You gave me a sense of self I had lost, and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. Thank you so much!!