Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra (Vedic Wisdom of Architecture) = Alchemy of Space and Power of Transformation

“We Shape Our Buildings, Thereafter They Shape Us.”

-Winston Churchill

Vastu Shastra is Eternal Vedic Wisdom, Which is rooted in the teachings of Vedas.
Vastu Shastra (Vedic Wisdom of Architecture) is an Ancient Indian Occult Science which establishes Cosmic Connection between Human beings with its Surroundings. The human body is made up of five Divine elements Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space] and Our Surroundings Space and Material also consists of these five basic elements. Therefore your surrounding environment shows its Influence on your Subconscious Mind and Life. Principle of Vastu Shastra helps you to balance and create natural alignment between your Life and your Living and Working environment to attract more Positivity, Prosperity, Abundance, Joy and Happiness and Vastu Shastra all about establishing a Vibrant Connection between human with its surroundings.

If you want to be happy and healthy, you have to balance all your Energy fields of your home and make your Vastu healthy.
You naturally begin to feel much more content. Your life comes into perfect balance with the Universal Cosmic Equation.

When you are content, and in the state of balance quiet effortlessly, you begin to experience the source of all prosperity and fulfilment.

Tips for home vastu shastra

All ancient symbols and images are powerful remedies. Symbols easily connect your inner space (subconscious mind) with outer universal space to create desired results in particular space. Each and every symbol has its own language and its own impacts. Your subconscious mind understands the language of symbols effectively since olden times. Many symbols like Horses, Tortoise, Pyramids, Swastika etc have been extensively used in ancient times as Vastu remedies.

1)”Get More Magical Ideas, Intuitions & Spiritual Insights by displaying OM in the NE Zone”
2)Store rooms in the North-East direction block the free flow of Cosmic Energy in buildings.
3)Avoid Red Colours and Fire Element related items on the NE wall of the house.
4)Avoid keeping dustbin and clatters in NE region of the building,
5)Avoid Placing of heavy objects and furniture in the NE.
6)”Get Peace, Progress, Prosperity and Magical Ideas with Water Kalash in NE Zone”
7)”Exert Powerful Influence at your Society with Lion in NNE zone of the Building”
8)Kitchen burns all positive energy of the southwest and It increases heated arguments and frequent disagreement between wife and husband,